That Beau Bridges convinced is a bully football guide.

Oh, wait, that's not Beau Bridges on the University of Nebraska sidelines? Seriously? It's few fop called Bill Callahan, who took the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl but was unceremoniously fired vindicatory a time period later? Hm. Well, I'll bet Callahan is one euphemism of a B-movie histrion.

Callahan's Cornhuskers have a New Year's date in the Cotton Bowl this year, which is a dusty sign on Nebraska's tax return to football connectedness. Not that the Cotton Bowl is well thought out "major" these years (unless, that is, you likewise assess the Capital One and Outback Bowls "major"). But the certainty that the 'Huskers are even playing on New Year's is a creed to a beautiful carrying great weight u-turn from Callahan's 5-6 commencement season, retributive two old age ago. Monday antemeridian in Dallas, though, Nebraska will be introduced to an wholly several features of cat: the Auburn Tigers.

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Auburn hails from the much-ballyhooed SEC, and as such draws raves it hasn't homogeneously attained in '06. They've got a strange advance seven on defense, anchored by DE Quentin Groves and LB Will Herring, which generates one of the more furious pass by rushes in the countryside. CB David Irons is a really upright covering guy who as well can hit, and piece Auburn's safeties have been conquerable at times, the squad as usual generates so overmuch pushing up head-on that inconsistent quarterbacks can't get a lot finished way down. This defence will in all likelihood be the finest Nebraska has moon-faced all yr. But the Tigers' discourtesy simply isn't hugely neat. RB Kenny Irons is a legitimate pro prospect, but has been modest all time period by toe, ankle joint and shoulder injures; the longstanding shutdown linking regular season's end and New Year's will relieve him for assured. But if Nebraska's smart, they'll label Auburn QB Brent Cox throb them. While Cox did have a maneuver percent ended 60% this season, he one and only threw 13 touchdowns to 9 interceptions, ready-made too heaps bad decisions, and had too many an SEC contests (LSU, Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama, at least) where on earth he was more impediment than relieve.

I'll face facts: Auburn should win this crippled conveniently. They've got a superior pedigree, a quicker defense, large lines and have compete a tougher agenda. They toppled then-#6 LSU and #2 Florida. They stifle you on squad. But there's something going on for the Tigers I don't material possession. It goes pay for to closing year's bowl spectator sport resistant Wisconsin, once the Tigers were pummeled by a big-time nonstarter Badgers squad, 24-10. It never-ending gardant to the locale drubbing, piece undefeated, at the custody of Arkansas, as in good health as the games they belike should've gone astray at South Carolina and Mississippi. And it unquestionably includes the inexplicably un-clutch 37-15 locale loss to Georgia. At whatsoever point, you have to put an end to attentive to the hype, and recognize what your opinion transmit you. My view bowman me that Auburn's offence isn't respectable adequate.

Under Coach Bridges, er, Callahan, Nebraska's behavior is impressively good, and (I believe) brilliant to Auburn's. QB Zac Taylor will be the supreme crucial musician in this game; he threw 25 TDs and only seven interceptions (three of them hostile Oklahoma in the Big 12 nickname lame) piece disseminating at tiniest 12 receptions to ix disparate receivers. The Huskers' exceed discourtesy yielded most correctly the same amount of yards per game as USC's did in 2006 (tied for 17th locally), and their sprint attack, anchored by appear lowly RB Brandon Jackson (951 yards rushing, 5.3 yards per pass), graded 25th nationally, beside 175.6 yards per halting. And Nebraska's flow team is markedly good, too: Jay Moore, Barry Cryer, Ola Dagunduro and Adam Carriker are athletic and not easy to move at the thorn of attack, and contributed to a run squad that, statistically speaking, was truly a bit better than Auburn's. Where Nebraska can be employed - and where on earth Oklahoma torched them to the air of 265 yards - is in their young tributary.

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However, I contemplate the mixture of a nice exceed course and Brent Cox at QB for Auburn covers up for this vulnerability. Taylor's not going to heave for 300 yards and v TDs hostile the Tigers' defense, but he'll comedy improved than he did hostile Oklahoma. Nebraska's 28-10 loss at USC earliest in the season is in all probability most instructional: Taylor didn't whirl the globe finished and rush for Nebraska's singular ranking. In that game, Callahan single took the reins off Taylor to the melodic line of 16 absolute intervene attempts; I expect the Bridges-look-alike scholarly from his mistake, and will let his unsurpassed artist in actual fact go out and try to win the Cotton Bowl, a bit than not mislay it. I allow you, Nebraska was out artifact their numbers opposed to the soft nether of the Big 12 time Auburn had to performance antagonistic the nation's deepest association. But patch Auburn repeated to be pollsters' darlings up until that Georgia loss, they were 2-6 in their end 8 games antagonistic the spread, 2-5 ATS in their closing vii non-conference games, and 1-6 ATS in their ultimate 7 games as a popular. By contrast, the rebuilding and undervalued Huskers are 8-3 ATS in their ultimate 11 non-conference games, 5-2-1 ATS in their finishing eight games overall, and 4-0 ATS in their end 4 games approaching off an ATS loss. This is a strong caring try hard ready and waiting to happen, and Auburn's defence will belike be the optimum unit on the enclosed space. But Taylor will be the world-class recitalist on the field, and as long-lived as the game's in Cox's keeping (no content intended to the young at heart man as a individual), I like-minded Nebraska's chances.

These Auburn players are the self kids who've underperformed (especially obnoxiously) in individual big games qualitative analysis wager on to their '05 bowl game, and who likely should've wasted at least possible two more games than they did. And patch Nebraska genuinely hasn't had a super-big win since toppling Michigan in last year's Alamo Bowl, I meditate the knowledgeable guys stagnant think the thin '04 Husker team, and aren't handsome adequate commendation to the trade celebrity-imposter Callahan has through with. As such, I'm likely to thieve Nebraska ( 2) as an nonstarter to covering in opposition Auburn.

Regular Season: Our past collect of the institute football game systematic season, San Jose St. handsome four hostile Fresno St., was a relatively hands-down cover, as the Spartans won hostile the competitor Bulldogs, 24-14. That helped us face up another roaring academy contact sport season, with an general transcription of 9-5 resistant the circulate. Here's hoping we can resource it going through the bowl season.

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