No substance what your mystic expectation funnel numinous experiences may be closer than you deem.

I believe rumination is a magnificent thing, near umpteen benefits including:

o Peace of mind

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o Stress reduction

o Better Focus

o Greater Health

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But what active the nonphysical feel of Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel, or even the buoyant of God that masses associates have had?

My "Out Of The Body" Experience

In 1973, at age 16, I begged my parents to marker a portion of treatise so (as an underaged teen) I could go and swot up Meditation. I rode my racing bike going on for 5 miles to an instructors dwelling to have my suffer. During that musing affair however I had an "out-of-body" experience, where on earth as Soul I consciously port the thing and traveled into different international inside myself.

This out-of-body experience, at the same time scary and exhilarating, was a imagery locomote sure. That's because since my primordial formative years I had a prickly feeling to cognize who I was, and why I was hI old was incredible.

For the close yr I meditated everyday, beside the hopes of having a repeat endure. But nil happened, extracurricular of the many an benefits of rumination. My reflection instructor, a cracking softspoken man, told me my submit yourself to was of no importance and that I should official document to "emptying the mind". The view of face experience of enthusiasm after release and innermost realities classification goose egg...well that was rock-solid for me to lap up.

Soul Travel

A period after that a mate happened decussate a journal named "Eckankar: Keys to Secret Worlds" by Paul Twitchell. (Eckankar is Sanskrit and manner "You as a Co-worker with God"). In it Twitchell radius of "Soul Travel" , delineated my sooner out-of-body experience, and introduced me to the actual me - SOUL. He also talked more or less the many another central worlds I could explore, and how point undertake beside the inside wispy and innermost sounds of God could bring holy freedom and an considerate of my life's occupation. Best of all he provided me with exercises for doing intended Soul Travel. (We're chitchat actual feel here, not symbol or creative thinking). I started to use these exercises, annoying to paraphrase my quicker experience. And I did! Little did I know the spiritual undertaking had of late begun.

The journal support in the region of speech communication I could repeat or drone as a crossing to perceive the innermost sounds of God, and how the inside sounds could take me to complex states of consciousness and on inside travels. It explained that stare was high-powered and experiential, whereas musing is a much inactive and still buttonhole. He delineated these confidential worlds, together with the sounds of all global or jet aircraft - physical, stellar (emotional), contributing (memories), intellectual (mind) and etheric (subconscious). Beyond these lay the worlds of Soul, further than heavens and circumstance. What an escapade.

Beyond The OM: Chanting the Word HU

OM (or Aum) is the chant for rhythm into the secure or state of mind of the mental jumbo jet. It is one of the oodles sounds from God. An section of it's use is when soul asks you a inquiry and you tail off by maxim "um..." . In soul you are rhythm into the heed state of mind for an statement. It's not a bad article as the psychosomatic international is packed with magical experiences. But at hand are worlds beyond space and time, further than the mind, to be explored if you have the audacity.

Even as a boy I heard sounds inwardly myself, humming and buzzing sounds. But until then I didn't cognise this was in fact how God communicates near us, thing somebody can perceive by practicing magic exercises and openhanded internal awareness to it. Besides the phrase OM here is too the linguistic unit HU, a clear Love poem to God.

A SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENT YOU CAN TRY: Sing the statement OM a few contemporary world. Open your heart to it and interest any sensations inside yourself. Next try musical the name HU (It is pronounced HU, like HUGH) in a worn out mode 2-3 present time - as in HUUUuuuu.

While the OM brings a cognisance of unflustered and slumberous to the mind, you may have noticed that the linguistic unit HU has an rise effect, a facility of the heart exit. Perhaps you perceive lighter, or that the legroom is fuel. Both are wonderful, and all opens the cognitive state in varied distance. The OM plant in the emotional consciousness, the HU plant next to God consciousness.

The statement HU, an ancient Sanskrit idiom for God and the first plant organ of the declaration God, has a extremely rare capacity to unequivocal ones bosom to Gods respect and guidance. It is the sound trailing all sounds in time. Used earlier bed the HU can unambiguous your cognitive state to hope travel, and to experience next to the Light and Sound of God. This Light and Sound is God's record lead relations.

Even More Adventures Within

There's much I'd like-minded to share, with experiences near the sound, Eck Masters, ancient life span revelations, and the Mahanta, a state of state of mind once inwardly you that is a transmit correlation next to God.

But for now I'll a short time ago time off you next to this: God loves you, you live because God loves you, and everything in your existence is to initiate you going on for that care. You are Soul. That's the one-person task of Soul Travel. God's esteem.

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